Argan Oil for Eczema

Eczema is a chronic skin condition that makes your skin dry, itchy, scaly, and red. Eczema is common in children, but can occur at any age. The proper cure or treatment of eczema is still unknown, but dermatologists suggest some medicines to avoid the symptoms of eczema.

It mostly affects the knee of children, but the neck, scalp, arms, and cheeks also get affected by eczema. The causes of eczema are not well-known, but some doctors say that hot water bath, excessive use of soaps, cleansing, etc triggers eczema in some people.

Argan Oil for Eczema

Argan Oil is one of the most popular oils in the home remedies world. Due to the extra special and rich composition of Argan Oil, which includes vitamins and fatty acids, it is used all over the world for skin care and hair care. Moroccan people were the first, who discovered this miraculous tree and its benefits. They first started using it as a medicine for different health issues and later on, they found its benefits for skin and hair. That’s why it is also known as MOROCCAN TREASURE or MOROCCAN OIL.

Some people get satisfied with prescribed medicines but some people prefer natural products or home remedies. If you are a person who prefers home remedies, then Argan Oil is best for treating symptoms of eczema. It shows magical results to it.

Benefits of Argan Oil for Eczema:

  • Soothes eczema patches:

High concentration of Vitamin A and E in Argan oil help in soothing irritating patches of eczema. Because Vitamin A and E both contain anti-inflammatory properties and helps to prevent inflammation at the site of eczema.

  • Lock moisture:

Argan oil contains a rich amount of lipids and fatty acids that make it an excellent moisturizer. Fatty acids help in locking the moisture of dry skin and prevent dryness and scaly skin. Due to excessive dryness in eczema, the skin surface becomes rough and scaly. So Argan oil helps in removing the scaly texture of the skin.

  • Prevents free Radicals:

Argan oil contains a huge amount of antioxidants in it. These antioxidants prevent the formation of free radicals. Free radicals are very dangerous for skin health and cause severe damage to it. So the Argan oil protects your skin from free radical damage.

  • Keeps eczema skin hydrated:

Vitamin E is well-known for its hydrating property. Eczema causes dryness. Argan oil is best to treat dryness. It hydrates the dry and shrink skin cells and adds life to them.

How to use Argan Oil for Eczema:

There are two best ways to use Argan oil for eczema:

  • Apply Argan oil on wet or damp eczema skin so that the oil traps water on your skin pores and keeps your skin hydrated.
  • Massage the moisturizer on the eczema skin, then apply the thin layer of Argan oil on it, so that it can lock up the moisture in your skin and keep it moisturized.

Risk and Considerations:

Do a patch test before using Argan oil because every person has a different skin type and Argan oil does not suit every skin type. So it may cause an allergic reaction to your skin.