I was born and raised in Morocco, the only place in the world where the argan tree grows. My parent’s village is located in the heart of the Argan valley in southwest Morocco. Argan oil has always been part of my family’s traditions. Ever since I can remember, we have used Argan Oil as part of our daily life.

says BE ARGANIC founder.

Argan products are based on the unique Argan nuts, found exclusively in southwest Morocco. Traditionally, picking these nuts is the way that many Berber women make their income. Every summer, they harvest their argan fruits and use them as a means of payment. Week after week, woman was cracking open the nuts, then selling them at the local market. Thus, argan tree has been a versatile part of Berber village life and its economy for a long time. They had a very uncomfortable life due, in part, to frequent droughts.

We have taken this tradition forward into the twenty-first century by carrying on the family business, and upholding our commitment to the people of this region and to the environment. We source all our kernels from women’s cooperative associated with fair trade principals, to ensure the growers and co-op owners get a fair amount of money in return for their hard work. Our partnership with them was created with a common goal: to share the richness and beauty secrets of Moroccan natural cosmetic oils with the rest of the world, whilst supporting the local Berber population and helping to promote and maintain the preservation of the Argan trees.

Local women used to spend most of their life crushing argan nuts to ensure the future of their family. Now, to meet the needs of the rapidly growing overseas market for Argan oil, our skills, modern equipment, and mastery of our manufacturing processes allow us to provide you with oils according to the highest international standards, while still preserving this long tradition.

Be Arganic Argan OIl